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How should children’s floor mats be selected? Let children have a happy childhood

How about children’s floor mats
Children’s floor mat is a modern floor mat specially tailored for children. Its most important role is to use the cleanliness of the floor mat for children to learn to crawl, walk and play functions. Generally, it can be used for laying in living rooms, children’s bedrooms, etc. It is also the first choice for tens of millions of families with children now.

General children’s floor mats will be of plain color or pattern, and most of them are in the form of small squares, which are spliced ​​into a large-area floor mat by customers or children themselves. The hands-on ability can also promote parent-child communication.

Second the advantages of children’s floor mats

Children-crawling-mat are moderately soft and hard, and have good elasticity, which avoids the injury caused by children accidentally falling during the process of playing.

Children’s floor mats are moderately soft and hard, and have good elasticity, which avoids the injury caused by children accidentally falling during the process of playing.

The suitable object for laying children’s floor mats is dry and flat ground. Generally, the areas that are often laid are living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and other places. Kitchens and bathrooms are not suitable for laying.

The service life is relatively long, and its bearing capacity is relatively strong.

It is easy to clean and more resistant to dirt.

Children’s floor mats are more environmentally friendly and safe. When touching children’s skin, it brings peace of mind and peace of mind to parents, allowing children to play better and safer.

Common patterns of children’s floor mats
Common Pattern


The puzzle here refers to the fact that many manufacturers now photocopy some cartoon patterns on small squares while making children’s floor mats. The individual small squares can intelligently see part of the pattern, and to see the whole pattern, you must All squares are spliced ​​together for children. This children’s floor mat is suitable for children over 3 years old to play. It can not only exert children’s imagination, but also exert children’s hands-on ability, thereby promoting the development of children’s intelligence.

Common pattern

solid color

Children’s floor mats are made of multiple small squares. The most common pattern is that the small squares have no pattern and only one color. At this time, we can buy more than two colors of children’s floor mats for splicing, so that the floor mat presents Floor mats with different colors should be produced, but the colors of the floor mats here should not exceed three or more, so as to avoid the colors being too chaotic, the specifications cannot be found, and the appearance is cluttered, which will affect the psychology of children.

Common pattern

cartoon characters

Nowadays, children’s floor mat manufacturers basically print some cartoon characters on the surface of the floor mat, so that children can contact some characters with stories while playing, so as to establish children’s correct outlook on life, and at the same time add cartoon characters to compare Bright is the favorite character of children, which can stimulate children’s imagination and promote the development of children’s intelligence.

Three, children’s floor mat purchase

The purchase of children’s floor mats is very important, because it is related to some safety and environmental performance of children in the process of playing.

The first step of purchase: smell

The first step in the purchase of children’s floor mats is basically to smell the smell of the children’s floor mat.

Purchase Step 2: Thickness

The thickness of children’s floor mats is related to the safety of children’s playing. Generally, in summer, the floor mats can be relatively thin, and in winter, thicker floor mats can be selected. At the same time, test whether the softness and hardness of children’s floor mats are moderate. If it is hard, it will cause certain harm to children, so it is not suitable to buy.

The third step of purchase: flexibility

Check the elasticity of children’s floor mats. Generally, the stronger the elasticity is better. Suitable for children.

The fourth step of purchase:

View a series of certificates such as the certificate of conformity. Avoid buying poor quality floor mats.

Fourth, the price of children’s floor mats

Regarding the price of children’s floor mats, because there are many manufacturers producing children’s floor mats, their brands, specifications and materials are different, so their prices are also different. At present, according to the quotations of children’s floor mats in various regions, the price is about There are three stalls of 100-300, 300-500, and 500-800 yuan. For specific prices, consumers can go to local physical stores and specialty stores for consultation. Of course, consumers need to be reminded here that children’s floor mats are the most important. The purpose is to provide children with something to rest or play, so consider the purchase of children’s hobbies and the area of the room.